Upcoming Auditions


by Lauren Gunderson

directed by David Dooks

Audition Dates: May 19th & 20th at 7pm

Production Dates: September 6 - September 21, 2024

For questions or more information please reach out to the producer michelle@burlingtonplayers.com

Auditions will be held at The Park Playhouse, One Edgemere Ave, Burlington, MA 01803

Production Dates: September 6th – 21st (Friday & Saturdays @ 8PM, Sundays @ 2PM and Thursday 9/19 @8PM)

Note: we will hold wet tech the week of August 25th

Sign up for an audition slot here: https://tinyurl.com/2228l84r 

Download an audition form here: https://tinyurl.com/2ybt69jt 

About the Play:

THE BOOK OF WILL is a celebration of the power of life, friendship, art, and the enduring legacy of William Shakespeare. Set in 1623, it follows a dedicated group of friends, and actors, who embark on a mission to compile and publish Shakespeare's plays into the First Folio, ensuring that Shakespeare’s original works are not lost to time.

About Casting: 

The play features 22 different characters. Most roles may be considered for doubling (with the exception of John Heminges and Henry Condell). We are looking for artists regardless of gender, race, and age who are comfortable portraying distinctly different characters. We encourage you to read the play prior to auditions and note on your audition form any particular characters you prefer. 

A British accent is not required for this show.

Primary Characters:

John Heminges: (Male, 40s-60s) - Shakespeare's close friend and actor in Shakespeare’s Troupe the Kingsmen, determined to honor his legacy.

Henry Condell: (Male, 40s-60s) - Another friend of Shakespeare and actor of the Kingsmen, passionate about preserving his works.

Elizabeth Condell: (Female, 40s-60s) - Henry Condell's wife, supportive and fiercely protective of her husband.

Rebecca Heminges: (Female, 30s-60s) - John Heminges's wife, pragmatic yet devoted to the cause.

Alice Heminges: (Female, 20s-30s) - Daughter of John and Alice Heminges, is the publican of the family pub, attached to the theater. She is  spirited and determined to contribute to the publication.

Secondary Featured Characters:

John Burbage: The actor of the age. The lion of the boards. Friend and fellow Kingsman to John and Henry. 

Ben Johnson: Poet Laureate of England. A friend and adversary both to Shakespeare. Notorious drunkard and lout.  

William Jaggard: Unscrupulous printer of anything that will turn a profit.  Has published many versions of plays that were attributed to Shakespeare, but not necessarily Shakespeare’s original work.

Issac Jaggard: William’s son who will inherit his father’s printing business.  Has an artist’s soul and is passionate about Shakespeare’s actual work.

Emilia Bassano Lanier: Female poet, an independent woman, Shakespeare’s mistress, “the Dark Lady” of his sonnets

Anne Hathaway Shakespeare: 60’s - Shakespeare’s now ailing wife, strong willed, classy, a survivor

Susannah Shakespeare:  30’s - Shakespeare’s daughter

Additional roles include: Ed Knight, Ralph Crane, Marcus, Compositor, Sir Edward Dering, Boy Hamlet, Barmen, Crier, Fruit Seller.

Important Note:

The Burlington Players are committed to working on being open and accepting to all.   We encourage everyone to participate with the Burlington Players in any capacity regardless of race, color, creed, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, or differing abilities.