Talking to Strangers

Talking to Strangers

By Christopher Lockheardt

Production Dates: February 24-March 11, 2023


Produced by Jason Hair-Wynn, Mel Ingalls

Directed by Matthew Garlin

Stage Managed by Ally Lewis

Featuring: Brian Bermack, Anetta Rauf, Damien LaCount, Zac Lambert,
Stephanie Cotton-Snell, Lou Fuoco, Kathy Bedard, Mark Towler, Angela Gunn, 

Michaela Zullo, Erin Kinney, and Matthew Garlin.

Talking to Strangers is a collection of 12 short self-contained plays tackling serious themes-the necessity of deception,
the perils of honesty, the intimacy between strangers, and the alienation between lovers-in a (mostly) humorous way.